Singampalli's brush with freedom

Singampalli at work.

Singampalli at work.  

TIRUPATI, AUG. 14. Singampalli Satyanarayana's brush paints the tricolour the most. On the eve of the 57th Independence Day, he took up a marathon live spot painting on `Spirit of freedom movement' at Thyagaraja mandapam, which ended on Saturday evening.

With a brush and colour palette, Mr. Satyanarayana made strokes on the canvas giving birth to beautiful images depicting personalities or incidents reminiscent of the freedom movement. Some of the persons painted by him were Gandhi, Nehru, Nethaji, and Prakasam Panthulu. Images of Sister Nivedita, Duvvuri Subbamma, Rani Chennamma, Jhansi Laxmi, Chittoor Rani Padmini and Madam Cama were there too.

Sensitive depiction

The Jalianwalabagh massacre and public hanging of freedom fighters were presented in a sensitive way while the depiction of Salt Satyagraha and `Simon go back' movement were awe-inspiring. ``The attempt is to infuse a sense of patriotism in the youth, most of whom are engrossed in material and mundane things. The national flag has come to be associated only with Independence Day or Republic Day,'' the artist said. But not school children, who converged at the venue to watch the artist in action.

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