Sex workers call for end to `legal harassment'

TIRUPATI, MARCH. 3. Sex workers her have called for an end to the alleged harassment being meted out to hem in the name of legal procedures. The `Sex workers rights day' is being marked on March 3, by a global meet at Kolkata, in which sex workers from six countries, including UK and Australia, are taking part.

According to R. Geetha, the State head of the National Network of Sexworkers Organisations, sex-workers being targeted for harassment. Quoting some sex workers, she said police violence against them was severe. Accusing the police at the lower levels of beating them up, having free sex and extorting money, she accused higher-ups of completely denying these charges.

Women's Initiatives (WINS), a Tirupati-based NGO, is observing the Sex workers rights day here.