Seed subsidy amount to be paid directly to ryots

CHITTOOR JULY 3. The Agriculture Department would pay the subsidy amount on groundnut seed directly to farmers hereafter instead of purchasing it and distributing among them, the district in-charge Minister, Kodela Sivaprasada Rao, said at the DDRC meeting held here on Wednesday. He made the announcement following an allegation made by the MP, Ramakrishna Reddy, that the cost of the groundnut seed supplied by the department was more due to overhead charges incurred by the supplying corporations.

On the allegations of MLA, Aruna, that the vegetable seed were not being supplied, the Minister instructed the Horticulture Department to purchase vegetable seed and supply them to farmers after collecting 50 per cent contribution instead of asking them to remit their share in advance.

The MLA, Kiran Kumar Reddy, said that the Velugu programme was being implemented to eradicate poverty, but at the same time belt shops were being opened ruing several families. The Minister assured the member of getting all the belt shops closed.

B. Gopala Krishna Reddy, the Minister from the district, told that the amount required to deposit for electricity agricultural connection can be paid in three instalments. Beside, the electricity officials were asked to collect arrears in five instalments.

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