Scribe held on charge of intimidation

ANANTAPUR, FEB. 26. The One Town police arrested a journalist belonging to Anantapur, who is working for an English daily in Hyderabad, here today on the charge of criminal intimidation and illegal possession of arms.

The police arrested the after receiving a complaint from one Vijaykumar that he was threatened by the scribe with a revolver over the issue of money Vijaykumar owed to Keshavkumar, who is the former business partner of the complainant. It was learnt that the duo was in the business of supplying drip and sprinkler irrigation implements.

The Superintendent of Police, Anil Kumar, told The Hindu that a case was registered under Sections 25 1(B) and 27 of the Arms Act and Section 506 of the IPC for criminal intimidation as the police had prima facie evidence. The scribe would be produced in court on Thursday.

The SP said the scribe had claimed that the revolver was a licenced weapon but had shown only the xerox copies of some proceedings issued by the District Magistrate of Ranga Reddy. The SP said the scribe did not have proper papers of the document. Unless verified with the issuing authority concerned, the authenticity of the proceedings could not be considered, he said.

It is said Keshavkumar had given an amount of Rs. 3 lakhs to Vijaykumar in 1996 and the loan had gone up to Rs. 8 lakhs with interest. As Keshavkumar was unable to get his money back, he was learnt to have approached the scribe. The scribe along with three of his friends was said to have called up Vijaykumar several times in the last couple of months and threatened him allegedly. It was also learnt that the scribe had forced Vijaykumar to sign a promissory note a month ago pledging Rs. 14 lakhs. According to the complainant, the scribe went to Vijaykumar's house in the morning and threatened him to transfer a piece of land costing Rs. 25 lakhs, owned by Vijaykumar, on his name. Vijaykumar called up the police and theyreached Vijaykumar's house immediately and arrested the scribe. The police also seized a revolver from his possession and nine rounds of ammunition. His friends, who were waiting outside, were learnt to have fled the spot once they noticed the police.