Science museum: teachers' toil bears fruit

Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR: The state-of-the-art Modern District Science Museum was inaugurated by Minister for Sports M. Satyanarayana Rao at the Government High School (old) in Karimnagar town on Monday.

The museum is the first of its kind in the district. A team of five Government science teachers made all the models using locally available material. A total of 60 exhibits including working models and specimens of flora and fauna are on display.

All the models were prepared with low cost and no-cost material. Even as the Government had released Rs. 20 lakhs for the opening of the museum with all equipment, the teachers -- Swadesh Kumar, Kishan Reddy, P. Srinivas, Noel Joseph and D. Srinivas -- managed to set up the museum with just Rs. 8 lakhs, saving Rs. 12 lakh for the Government.

Models such as `Water from heaven' (which explains refractive index of glass), a giant periscope, vanishing coin, how to blow a giant soap bubble captivated the visitors. The air canon, constructed from a used barrel and the model that explains how a human body acts like an acid battery were especially educative. A room was completely dedicated for the planetarium that explains about the solar system.

Collector C. Parthasarathi said all the exhibits were inspiring and educative. He said they would ensure that all the students visit their science exhibition in a phased manner.

On the housing of the science museum in an ancient school building, which was constructed by the Nizams, the Collector said they wanted to transform the existing school into a full-fledged science museum and protect the monument.

A new building would be constructed for the school with Rs. 12 lakh saved by the teachers.