School on tropical cyclones inaugurated

VISAKHAPATNAM, NOV. 29. The Advanced Training School on Tropical Cyclones was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University, Y.C. Simhadri, here on Monday. The school has been sponsored by the Central Government's Department of Science and Technology and organised by the Department of Meteorology and Oceanography of Andhra University.

The retired Additional Director General of Meteorology, Uday Shankar De, in his keynote address said that in spite of the progress in science and technology, the impact of weather and climate was significant on all spheres of life.

Better forecasts and warnings had resulted in a downward trend in terms of loss of life in cyclones but as the coastal population in the world was growing, improvement in preparedness, awareness and mitigation measures should go hand in hand with improvement in forecasting, he said.

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