Sadist husband thrashed

NIZAMABAD JULY 26. In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old woman was tonsured by her husband and other family members following a tiff late last night.

Tension prevailed in the Dubba area of the town this morning after the victim, Pushpa, ran out of the house and broke down in front of the locals and narrated her plight. The irate residents, dragged the victim's husband, his brothers and other women members and gave them a sound thrashing before handing them over to the Three town police station.

The outraged womenfolk of the area gathered in large numbers and took to task the accused and three women for their heinous act. The agitated women beat up the three women family members in full public view while the menfolk also faced the wrath of the women. The accused were paraded to the police station by the mob and questioned as to why they resorted to such a crime. The victim was in a state of shock and only after some time, she mustered courage and narrated her ordeal to the police.

According to the victim, the husband and his two brothers, besides the co-sisters, frequently harassed her. On July 22, her husband, Dayanand, a clerk in the office of a commission agent of marketyard, partly cut her hair and confined her to a room. The family members had dispute over the issue and in a fit of rage, Dayanand caught hold of his wife and with the help of other family members, forcibly tonsured her.

She reportedly told the police that her husband had development extra-marital relationship with one of his sisters-in-law.

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