Revolutionary writers condemn arrests

UNFAZED: G. Kalyan Rao being arrested in Hyderabad on Friday. Photo: Satish H.

UNFAZED: G. Kalyan Rao being arrested in Hyderabad on Friday. Photo: Satish H.  

State has not followed the due procedure, says Kalyan Rao

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The Viplava Rachaitula Sangam (Virasam) or Revolutionary Writers Association (RWA) has condemned the ban on it and arrest of its top leaders such as Varavara Rao, saying the move goes against the spirit of the Constitution and democratic values.

The RWA felt the ban and the arrests made under the Andhra Pradesh Public Security Act will not stand legal scrutiny as no notification was issued and due procedure was not followed.

Addressing a press conference just before his arrest on Friday, G. Kalyan Rao, president of the RWA, said the Constitution has ensured freedom of speech and expression to all people and organisations.

The ban clearly suppressed this freedom. Unless it was proved that the RWA members' works, speeches and so-called violent activities, it could not be branded unlawful.

`Black law'

He recalled that a number of cases, including those of conspiracy filed against the RWA and its leaders in the past and bans imposed on them fell through as none of them could be proved. He clarified that the ban declared now under the Public Security Act, could not be brought into immediate effect.

Though a "black law," there was a provision for issue of notification citing reasons for the ban.

Notification copy

The organisation sought to be banned should be given a copy of the notification and chance to present its case.

The objections and suggestions should be heard by a three-member judicial advisory committee.

The committee should say that the organisation was carrying on unlawful activitics and only then it is to be banned. No such procedures were followed and "repressive measures" were taken against RWA leaders.

Ban condemned

A number of other Left and civil liberties organisations too have condemned the ban and arrest of Mr. Varavara Rao and Mr. Kalyan Rao.

These included CPI (ML- New Democracy), Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU), Progressive Organisation of Women and People's Union for Civil Liberties.

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