Revenue problems making the poor turn to naxals

ANANTAPUR NOV. 13. Two recent incidents in the district have once again exposed the fact that the failure of revenue officials in redressing the minor problems of the poor have been driving them to take the help of naxalites.

At Bandameedipalle in Rapthadu mandal, the revenue officials had identified some land for distribution among the downtrodden as house sites. But, before the poor could get their benefit, the revenue officials, allegedly succumbing to pressure from influencing communities, had kept it in abeyance.

It was alleged that the revenue officials were also making

efforts to distribute house site among better-off families. This prompted some of the downtrodden to approach the naxal elements with their grievance.

Grabbing the opportunity a naxal sympathiser, claiming to be owing allegiance to the People's War, entered the scene and collected some amount from a few downtrodden families promising them house sites.

But for the timely intervention of the police, the village could have fallen easy prey to naxalite activities. The police conducted a mythri meeting last week and recovered the money of the poor and distributed house sites among them.

In another incident, the police arrested three PW `sympathisers' last week on suspicion that they were in possession of claymore mines. However, during interrogation it was learnt that two of them had approached the naxalites over their problems. The third was a PW sympathiser.

One of them (Bommaiah), a daily-wage worker, had worked in the Food-for-work programme. He was supposed to get 84 quintals of rice but was given only 30 quintals by officials. When repeated requests to the higher officials yielded no result he took to the other option.

Mukundapuram village in Garladinne mandal too was known as naxal-sympathising village. One of the villagers had joined the PW as a militant as the revenue officials had failed to render justice over issuance of house sites to Dalits.

Recently, the district police conducted a mythri meet there and distributed house sites with the help of philanthropist who came forward to donate three acres of land for the purpose.

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