Resolve inter-State water disputes, Centre urged

The Central government must take all steps, including resolving decades old disputes with neighbouring States on water sharing, to improve irrigation facilities and drinking water and supply of water to the industries in north coastal Andhra region, the Forum for Action Research and Policy Studies (FARPA) said.

Significance of north coastal Andhra will improve in the residual AP and the Centre should initiate steps to resolve disputes with other States regarding Vamsadhara, Nagavali, Janjhavathi, Mahendratanaya and Bahuda rivers and improve irrigation sources in the region.

Since a special board for north coastal Andhra cannot be formed in the present circumstances, a special wing could be created in the Godavari water board the Centre was forming, convener of FARPA R.V. Rama Rao said on Sunday.

Experts from the region should be made members of the wing so that they could protect the interests of the region, he said.

FARPA convenor said Yeleru project would not be able to supply water beyond its present capacity to industries, and wanted the Polavaram project be completed as quickly as possible. Once the Polavaram project is completed, water could be supplied to Visakhapatnam and the city's strong case as capital of residual AP will be strengthened.

There is also a need for the Central government to provide all powers to the special corporation it is setting up for the Polavaram project, he aid.

It should be given decision-making powers and the Godavari water board should be given powers to solve all the issues and problems relating to the Polavaram project.

A special wing with experts from the region should be formed, says FARPA convener

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