Recruitment scam comes to light in Urdu academy

HYDERABAD Aug. 26. Recruitment may be banned in Government departments, but this doesn't stop the State Urdu Academy from making appointments. Over 150 persons have been employed by the academy during the last few years, making it poorer by over Rs. 60 lakhs.

What is shocking is that these appointments have been made in total violation of rules and against posts that do not exist in the academy. These startling facts have come to light soon after Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Masqati took over as president of the academy last month.

Mr. Masqati stumbled on the scam as he went through the files. He has immediately ordered dismissal of 40 employees in different parts of the State and served a show cause notice on the then director who is now working in Karimnagar. He has been given 10 days time to explain his position. "We have not received any reply so far. After expiry of the deadline we will think what action is to be initiated,'' Mr. Masqati has said.

The academy has just 18 sanctioned posts and computer instructor is not one of them. But as many as 36 persons have been recruited for imparting computer training. Also, more than 100 persons have been appointed librarians, assistant librarians and book bearers. Their salaries ranged from Rs. 2,250 to Rs. 4,000. Though no appointment letters have been issued, it is said that the recruits, however, draw salary every month.

At Bodhan in Nizamabad district three persons have been appointed librarians, but the interesting thing is that the academy has no library there. At one library, the salary of a librarian has been fixed at Rs. 2,000, while that of the attender Rs. 4,000. And all this in the absence of sanctioned posts, says Mr. Masqati.

The academy has started imparting computer literacy in 1994 on its old premises in A.C. Guard. After launch of the Roshni package, the academy has set up 15 more computer centres, five in the city and the remaining in Anantapur, Tenali, Guntur, Kurnool, Madanapalle, Mahabubnagar, Narsaraopet, Nandyal, Nizamabad and Nirmal. It is said that at the time of opening these centres, the Government has asked the academy to engage instructors on contract basis since there is a ban on recruitment.

Some of the staff members, whose services have recently been terminated, are stated to have approached Mr. Masqati with a request to absorb them in some capacity at reduced salary.

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