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No relief for Prudential depositors

Sir,— The woes of Prudential Cooperative Bank depositors have been adequately reported in the media. Many of the depositors are retired and had deposited their life's earnings in the bank, trusting its track record. However, due to bungling by those at the helm of the bank and the misdeeds of defaulters, the bank was declared bankrupt about 16 months ago.

Subsequently many of the depositors had to go through a severe financial crunch and some even died as an indirect result of it.

The then Government had ordered a CB-CID enquiry, the results of which are not known. The present Chief Minister, Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, on assuming office, promised to take up the issue following representations made to him by office bearers of the Depositors Association. However, the RBI authorities and the Union Finance Minister maintained a stoic silence and they have not even responded to the suffering of the people. This appears to be an indication that they are not bothered about the death of hapless people.

V.G.K. Rao,


Post office needed

Sir,— There are 10 residential colonies on the eastern side of Vanasthalipuram / Sampoorna Theatre -- Bhagyalatha, Shanti Nagar, Sarada Nagar, Subhadra Nagar, High Court Colony, Bhoolaxmi Nagar, etc. -- comprising around 1,000 houses. Residents of these colonies have to use the post office at Vanasthalipuram by walking about one to one-and-half kilometres as the facility is not in and around these colonies. I, therefore, request the officials concerned to set up a post office at a central place like Subhadra Nagar for the benefit of residents of the above-mentioned colonies.

Lakshmi Rama,


Reschedule bus

Sir,— Despite repeated reminders since January 2003 bus No. 138/1 on Route No. 156/299 which is scheduled to leave Vegesna Foundation, Kuntloor at 9.35 a.m., and reach Hayathnagar at 9.45 a.m., daily crosses Hayathnagar between 9.20 / 9.25 a.m (early by 20/25 minutes). The reasons for early departure include the crew giving up their earlier practice of taking a tea break unofficially at V. Foundation, Kuntloor, due to shifting of the hotel which used to exist there and widening of the highway between Hayathnagar and Kothapet doing away with traffic jam. Hence the first trip reaches Mehdipatnam much ahead of the scheduled time of 7.55 a.m.

May I, therefore, request the authorities concerned to reschedule the departure time of the first trip from Hayathnagar at 7.15 a.m., instead of 7.00 a.m., so that the timings of the other trips are adhered to.

V.V.K.S. Nageswara Rao,


More buses please

Sir,— Recently, the city region of APSRTC drastically reduced services on Route No. 31 causing much inconvenience to commuters. There are more than the required number of buses on the alternate Route No. 10 K, which takes a longer time due to traffic congestion. I request the RTC authorities to increase services on Route No. 31. -- from Secunderabad to Kukatpally via Balanagar.

G. Ramakrishna,


Fleecing at parking lots

Sir,— When one goes to the CGHS dispensary, meant for sick and ailing Central Government servants or pensioners in Begumpet and one has to part with Rs. 5 for parking. Since there is a frequent shortage of medicine at the CGHS one is advised to come there again. The medicine can be acquired only after an average of three trips and each time one has to pay Rs. 5 for parking.

At the railway station one is charged Rs. 20 for car parking. At the airport it is a minimum of Rs. 30 and can go anywhere up to Rs. 90. Just a visit to a bank in Chenoy Trade Centre, Secunderabad can cost one Rs.10 for parking.

These high charges are apparently to generate revenue. It, however, turns out that the vehicle tax collected by the RTA for vehicles registered in Hyderabad in 2003-04 was Rs. 243 crores. The MCH and R&B spent only Rs.123 crores. These figures in 2002-03 were Rs. 178 crores and Rs. 84.6 crores respectively. From this it is obvious that in the name of user charges, citizens are being fleeced.

T. H. Chowdary,


Overbridge needed

Sir,— The movement of vehicles on the either side of the road from Tarnaka crossroads to Habsiguda is chaotic beyond description. The road, which leads from Tarnaka to Uppal and also to Nacharam via Habsiguda is occupied day and night by vehicular traffic moving at high speed, making it impossible for pedestrians to cross it. The only solution seems to be construction of an overbridge across this road.

Bh. Indu Sekhar,


Petrol problems

Sir,— I have a strong feeling that at various petroleum outlets in twin cities workers are indulging in malpractice while filling petrol in vehicles. On browsing the meter at these outlets, the digits accelerate rapidly and as a result the petrol filled is less by a point or two. When this practice is questioned, one gets vague answers. Because there is no calibrated mechanism in the vehicles to indicate the actual fuel filled, one can never be sure. Given the inflation in the cost of petrol, riders expect a fair deal.

In this regard, it is also pertinent to mention that the price per litre of the petrol is not being rounded up to the nearest rupee or paise resulting in loss to the common man. Let us hope the Petroleum Ministry/oil companies come up with redressal to the above shortcoming.

B. Umakanth,



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