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Delay in refund of telephone deposit

Sir, — Following my retirement, I surrendered my telephone (Number 87048) at Amudalavalasa and shifted to Visakhapatnam on April 3, 2001. But I have not received my deposit till now from the telephone department.

After all correspondence had failed, I personally went and met the Accounts Officer (TR) at Srikakulam. To my utter surprise and dismay, the concerned clerk advised me to go to Amudalavalasa and see that the SDOP sent the required papers to her office.

It is evident that the papers have not been sent from Amudalavalasa to Srikakulam during all these three-and-a-half years.

It is gross negligence on the part of the Telecom department. I request the authorities concerned to look into this matter and see that my deposit is returned forthwith.

V. Prabhakara Rao


Road-side cremation

Sir, — The unauthorised burial activities conducted by some members of a community residing in Old Venkojipalem on the road-side itself is causing untold hardship to the residents of Sanjay Gandhi Colony, Ambedkar Nagar etc.

About 1,000 children going to Balwadi centre and Rosary convent are forced to witness the cremation of dead bodies on the road-side. It is reported that some of them developed convulsions or suffered from fever.

The municipal corporation had allotted three acres by the side of the hill for burial ground exclusively for the use of Old Venkojipalem. But these people seem to prefer conducting cremation on the road-side itself in the well-developed residential area.

I request the municipal and police officials concerned to take action and stop this practice immediately.

P. Veerabhadra Rao


Widen road

at Gajuwaka

Sir, — All the unauthorised shops and buildings on Gajuwaka main road were demolished without any exception drawing all-round appreciation of the people. People are now eagerly waiting for the road-widening. Vehicle parking is a big problem in Gajuwaka. Traffic gets blocked often especially at cinema hall junctions and petrol pump area.

George Pulickal


Special status for Hyderabad

Sir, — Way back in 1953 Andhra State was formed after a marathon struggle and after Sri Potti Sreeramulu laid down his life after 53 days of fasting. Later, under the leadership of Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, the Telugu speaking areas of the erstwhile Nizam State were sliced and annexed to the Andhra State restyling it as Andhra Pradesh.

In 1971-72, a great agitation, an unprecedented 50-day strike, was launched for separate Telangana.

The Indira Gandhi Government opposed it tooth and nail and it was rejected finally. The Government may consider this provided only the twin cities are constituted as a separate State like Delhi.

If this fails to meet their acceptance, the concept of separate Telangana should be ruthlessly ruled out.

N.V. Rama Rao



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