Reach out to people, BJP chief tells cadre

HYDERABAD Oct. 31. The BJP president, M. Venkaiah Naidu, here on Thursday urged his party workers to concentrate on "occupying the political space abundantly available in the country.''

Addressing the State Council meeting of the party he said the talk of having an alliance or not should not be on the agenda of the party workers now as the elections were a clear two years away. The aim must be to work to win 300 seats in the next Lok Sabha elections "on our own'' and not be dependent on any one.

Mr. Naidu said the party's priority as of now was to penetrate the areas it could not so far and gain acceptance of the majority. Urging the State leadership to concentrate on developing the base further among SCs, STs and women, he said though the path to the seat of power was not impossible, it was not easy either.

Mr Naidu said that the party was in power in just four States now and reminded the workers that this was because of the absence of dissipation of information about the work done by the Centre and the party. While the NDA was striving hard to undo the damage done by the Congress over its "long years of misrule'', the BJP's achievements had also not been properly propagated by the workers, he said.

He suggested that the workers should campaign on the achievements of the BJP while reading out a long list of various yojanas, infrastructure development programmes and self-sufficiency achieved in agricultural produce and technological developments.

The BJP-led NDA alliance needed more time to tackle the problems of regional disparities and divisive tendencies created mostly by the Congress for its petty political gains, he said.

Ridiculing the Congress leaders here for giving the slogan of free power, he said it was not possible to give free power to anybody. If they could, then the Congress should do so in the States ruled by it before asking others to follow suit, he said.

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