Pushkarams captivate foreign dignitaries

NARSAPUR (WG DT) AUG. 10. The Godavari Pushkarams in this port town, a one-time Dutch settlement, captivated a couple of foreign dignitaries from Germany.

The Chairman of the International Management Group (IMG), Andy J. Kreiger, and the Marketing Manager, Valerie, who arrived here on Sunday, along with the Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu, by a helicopter, were ushered in to a bathing ghat to witness the Pushkarams.

The duo watched the devout taking a bath in the Vasishta, a distributary of the Godavari, amid the Vedic hymns and devotional songs in praise of "Godavari Maatha.'' Even as the foreigners were impressed with a religious function, which was closely associated with Indian culture and tradition, the Chief Minister cupped his hands and splashed the river water over his head in reverence and offered prayers at the ghat.

The Hollanders' Wharf, built during the Dutch period, became a witness to this turnaround. The wharf, known as Valandara Revu in local parlance, has now become the focus for the Pushkarams in the port town. A huge cutout depicting Lord Krishna was put up on the premises and the area became the dais for religious discourses.

Led by the Chief Minister, the IMG representatives went round the Lalitambha Ghat, Kondalamma Ghat, and the replicas of 10 famous temples. Mr. Kreiger and Mr.Valerie, were part of the IMG's eight-member delegation, which arrived in Hyderabad to enter into a partnership with the State Government for creating a world class multi-purpose sports and recreational complex at Gachibowli. The duo reportedly requested the Chief Minister to allow them to visit the Godavari Pushkarams.