Protest against delay in supply of textbooks

Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: Taking exception to the inordinate delay in supply of textbooks by the State Government, leaders of the city unit of the Student Federation of India (SFI) on Wednesday, led a sit-in by children drawn from various municipal and aided schools, in front of the municipal corporation office.

In a memorandum submitted to the in charge municipal commissioner, Budha Prakash Jyothi, the SFI leaders pointed out that a survey conducted in high schools had brought to light a number of longstanding problems in corporation and aided schools.

They said not a single school in the city had received all textbooks. This, despite repeated assurances by the Education Minister on supply of adequate stocks of textbooks to all schools by June 14, they lamented.

Against all odds

It was heartening to see that in spite of drawbacks like absence of basic amenities in the school and inadequate number of teaching staff, students of government-run schools were competing with their counterparts in private educational institutions.

Citing the paradoxical situation, they said while some schools did not have teachers for main subjects like mathematics, science and English, others had excess staff. There were nearly 170 vacant teacher posts in the 99 municipal schools in the city, they pointed out. Referring to the pathetic plight of students and teachers in schools which lacked minimum facilities, they said most schools were deprived of safe drinking water, proper toilets and adequate number of classrooms.

Listing the long-pending issues, the leaders insisted that the authorities concerned initiate immediate steps to improve conditions in schools.

Main demands

Their demands included steps for immediate supply of textbooks, construction of additional classroom in proportion to the existing strength of the students in all schools, filling of vacant posts of teachers and other staff, extension of safe drinking water facility, repairs to the black boards, development of infrastructure like inclusion of a library, lab and playground, approval of additional classrooms to schools like G.N.R school, G.S. Raju School and Patamata Lanka School and removal of the dust-bin in front of the Karnati Ramamohan Rao School.

The federation leaders also wanted the corporation authorities to order removal of obscene wall posters near S.K.P.V Girls' School at Gandhinagar, supply of textbooks to students of Urdu school in Urdu language, removal of the Sulabh complex from the premises of the C.V.R school, repairs to the buildings of A.P.S.R.M, C.V.R and T.M.R schools and increase in the number of toilets based on the school strength.

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