Politics polluting society: Saibaba

Staff Reporter

PUTTAPARTHI: Sathya Saibaba made a scathing attack on present day politics during his discourse on the occasion of International Women's Day held at Prashanti Nilayama here on Saturday. He observed that politics was polluting society more than anything else.

Moral values were degenerating on a large-scale and the main culprit was politics. He suggested the women to lead an inspirational and pious life instead of entering the political field. As there was no eligibility to enter politics, every Tom, Dick and Harry was entering politics and trying to make easy money from day one of his entry into the field by following all sorts of evil practices, he said.

Politics was so confusing that even a person, who would not know the meaning of finance, was becoming Finance Minister, the spiritual leader said.

Woman empowerment

Stressing the need for women empowerment he asked them to be self-reliant by taking up the vocation of their choice except politics and discharge their duty with conviction. Belief in self was most important for women in the present day world, he said.

Sri Saibaba suggested women to inculcate good habits and character and try to be self-reliant in the life. He said that it was a woman, his mother, who had inspired him to take up drinking water, education and health projects.

Cultural programmes by students of Sathya Sai Educational Institutions and others tied up the devotees in Prashanti Nilayam in the evening.