Police stations sans lock-up!

TIRUPATI Nov. 13. Imagine a police station without a lockup. It is going to be a reality soon. The district police top brass, keen to be seen as people-friendly, is learnt to be treading cautiously over the issue.

The plan is to do away with lock-ups in at least two-thirds of the police stations in the district and get the rest under the direct supervision of the sub-divisional police officers (DSPs) or Circle Inspectors concerned.

This means the lock-ups in 50 of the 75 stations in the district would be done away with. This is expected to enable senior police officials to keep a watch over the goings-on in the lock-up next to their cabin, as violation of human rights in most cases do not come to their notice until an unfortunate thing happens. Also, it will keep the common public insulated from cops at the lower level, where ill-treatment is believed to prevail in higher doses.