Police release papers seized during raid

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The police have released a document to show that the recently arrested Revolutionary Writers Association (RWA) members had attended a meeting convened by the Communist party of India (Maoist).

The RWA members -- N. Venugopal, Gottimukkala Pinakapani, Vannam Chenchaiah and Soma Ravikumar -- were arrested along with the CPI (Maoist) State Committee member, Ganti Prasadam alias Prabhakar, and another naxalite leader, V. Surendar, on the Nizamabad border, while they were returning after the Aurangabad meeting.

Arrests opposed

With the release of the document, the police intend to rebut the criticism that a journalist meeting the Maoists should not be arrested.

Mr. Venugopal, editor of a fortnightly, alleged in the court on Friday that cases of conspiracy were registered based on "half-truths."

The RWA leader and the former Maoist emissary, P. Varavara Rao, strongly objected to the arrests arguing that how could a meeting between RWA members and Maoist leaders could be construed as an offence.

Police contention

The counter argument of the police is that Mr. Venugopal was a member of the `Fraction Committee' of the Maoist party and had gone to the meeting after receiving a letter from the Maoist State Committee member, Mr. Prasadam. Fraction Committees, according to the Maoist party constitution, are to be formed within the executive committees of mass organisations (like the RWA) and function secretly.

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