Plan to set up Vedic school in Kurnool

KURNOOL, MARCH 17. The Ahobila Mutt has proposed to establish a Vedic school here to introduce formal courses in the study of Vedas. The three-day camp of the 45th Jeer of Ahobila Mutt, Sri Narayana Yatindra Mahadesikan, concluded here on Thursday.

K. Devanathan, in-charge of the mutt activities in the State, told The Hindu that the spiritual order of Ahobila Mutt noticed shortage of people with deep Vedic knowledge in society. Those who were qualified in Vedas got better offers from abroad and preferred working in U.S. and other places.

The Ahobila Mutt was already running a Vedic college, affiliated to local universities, at Madhuranthakam to award formal degrees to students while the emphasis was on Vedic study. Besides providing free education, accommodation and boarding, the mutt deposited an amount of Rs. 50,000 in the name of each student who took up spiritual activity after coming out of the college.

The computer-aided modules were adopted to teach Vedas to students for accuracy.

Mr. Devanathan said the mutt had branch temples at Kurnool, Cuddapah, Nellore, Hyderabad and Gadwal in the State while the total branches across the country were 48. The headquarters of the mutt was located at Chennai while the temple had lands at Gadwal, Mahabubnagar, Hyderabad, Nellore and Cuddapah. The mutt authorities were happy with the decision of the Government to acquire the lands of the mutt at market price and deposit the proceeds with the mutt.

As the Jeer was particular about preserving the sanctity of Ahobilam by containing the commercial activity at the shrine, the Ahobila Development Committee planned to construct `Nava Ahobilam' to locate all commercial establishments like shopping complexes, bus stand and post office, about 5 km from the temple.

The existing shop-keepers would be given an option either to shift to the new place or continue there.

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