Penchant for making love stories

When it comes to Tollywood, Bipasha Basu, Lisa Ray and Deepika Padukone and most other beautiful actresses have one thing common. They were all introduced to the Telugu industry by ace film director Jayant C. Paranji.

“But most people call or spell my name as Jayant C. Paranjape. Some even ask me whether I am a Bengali but my name is Jayant C. Paranji. I come from a small village called Paranji on the Chittoor and Tamil Nadu borders. Tamil is my mother tongue,” says Mr.Paranji, sporting a smile.

Despite being born in a small village, he stayed for long in Bangalore and Gandhinagar, before settling in Hyderabad. “In fact, I studied B.Sc Hons at New Science College in Narayanguda. It was really fun those days, we used to bunk classes and spend most time at Central Café,” he recalls.

Right from his childhood days, Mr. Paranji was keen in dramas, theatre and films. “I directed a play Julies and Caesar while I was in seventh standard. I even acted in it,” he says.

He made best use of the spare time during his college days as he directed several documentary movies, ad films, etc. “This apart, I joined in Dramatic Circle of Hyderabad, a theatre group, which was active in those days. It was one of the oldest theatre groups in the city,” he explains.

He made his directorial debut with Preminchukundam Raa in 1997 with actor Venkatesh playing the lead role. Ever since, he made many movies and majority of them being love stories.

“Basically I am a romantic guy and mine is a love marriage. I narrated Magadheera type love stories to lead actors and producers a decade ago but they were not interested in such stories,” he laughs.

Not confining to directing movies, he even produced movies “Takkari Donga” starring Mahesh Babu and “Lov for Ever” with two new-comers.

The film Lov for Ever features an item song by Deepika Padukone. The film was commenced in 2008 but due to varied reasons, the project got delayed. But finally, things have fallen in place and it is ready for release by December-end or January, he signs off.

It was film-maker Jayant C. Paranji, who introduced Bollywood beauties in Telugu movies, writes S. Sandeep Kumar

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