Patients caught in crossfire

CUDDAPAH Nov. 10. Two doctors of the orthopaedic wing in Cuddapah Government Hospital had heated exchanges in the ward on Sunday leading to commotion.

The verbal duel between the surgeon and head of orthopaedic wing, Sanjeevaiah, and the assistant surgeon, B. Ramachandraiah, left nurses, patients and hospital staff in a quandary as they feared that they might come to blows. While Dr. Ramachandraiah was examining patients in the ward, Dr. Sanjeevaiah raised objections for visiting the ward without taking his (departmental head) permission, according to sources.

Dr. Ramachandraiah retorted stating that he was not subordinate to any doctor and was not willing to work under him. This ensued angry exchanges between the two doctors. They later walked away in a huff. The patients complained that frequent altercations between doctors in the Government hospital and alleged sharing of wards and beds by them was posing hardship.

It may be recalled that Dr. Someswara Reddy and Dr. Ramachandraiah were transferred from the hospital few months ago after they clashed when a patient was anxiously waiting operation in the operation theatre. Subsequently Dr. Ramachandraiah secured court stay on his transfer and was continuing in Cuddapah Government hospital.

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