Parody time, with Jonnavithula

Much like the original:Telugu lyricist Jonnavithula Ramalingeswara Rao reciting a parody of a Telugu poem to members of Walkers Club in Visakhapatnam on Sunday.  

‘Blade vilapam’ (the lament of a shaving blade) on the lines of Karunasri Jandhyala Papaiah Sastry’s immortal Pushpavilapam is just an example of the capability of noted lyricist and film maker Jonnavithula Ramalingeswara Rao.

In his free-wheeling commentary on life in chaste Telugu, he recited his own versions of well-known classic poetry like Pusphavilapam. He was here to address the members of the Walkers Club of Visakhapatnam at their monthly meeting. Jonnavithula touched upon every facet of life in his talk. Telugu language is musical and lends itself to lyrics, he said.

Beginning his talk with his own ‘Maikasura Shatakam’, he warned the audience that he would not stop his talk for anything. Full of wit and sarcasm, the shatakam talked of how the speakers would ignore the problems of the audience and were content with addressing their own self. It talked of how the speakers fall in love with their own voice and are unable to perceive the injury they are inflicting on the audience. In a dig at the modern world, he recalled his experience of having lunch at a friend’s place. The lady of the house serves sambar and Jonnavithula’s friend asked for a second serving at which the host looks at his wife and says: “Didn’t I tell you it would not get spoilt even after three days (in the fridge).”

He took off on Annammacharya kirtana ‘Brahmam Okkate’ and gave it his own spin and sang ‘lancham okkate’, lamenting the falling values in society, which has resulted in universal spread of corruption.

He showed off his command of the language with his poem written using sapta swaram in every word. In another poem, he used the Telugu bindu in every word, both at the beginning and the end. The resultant poetry was lyrical and also very appropriate.

He recalled the famous works of prominent writers like Devulapalli Krishna Sastry and presented his version of the well-known poems.

President of the Walkers Club G V Ratnam, secretary K V Srinivasa Rao and other members of the club were present on the occasion.

The club also celebrated the birthday of the members, who would be celebrating it this month. The club also announced its plans to go for its annual picnic to Haygreeva Resorts and asked the members to register.