Package for crop loss announced

Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: District Collector Navin Mittal has announced a special compensation package for crop loss caused by floods.

He said compensation would be paid for a maximum of two hectares per farmer. The compensation for crops like paddy and maize was fixed at Rs. 1,250 per hectare. For sugarcane, turmeric and vegetables it was fixed at Rs. 1,500 per hectare. Horticulture crops damaged badly (over 50 per cent) would be given Rs. 3,000 per hectare and horticulture nurseries Rs. 1,500 per hectare.

As a special case, compensation for betel vine was fixed at Rs. 75 per cent up to a maximum of 30 cents per farmer.

Following were the extent (in hectares) to which crops were damaged: total 5,752; turmeric 1,267, sugarcane 970, banana 966, vegetables & yam 904, cotton 457, paddy 315, fodder 299, maize 267 and betel vine 174.