`Outsourcing prospects bleak'

Soundara Kumara  

TIRUPATI, AUG. 21. The outsourcing furore, which rears its head occasionally in the US --especially during election year -- is unlikely to die down this time, feels Prof. Soundara Kumara, a professor of Industrial Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, US.

``The trivial issue is snowballing into a major employment-related controversy,'' he said, expressing his apprehension over the opposition being mobilised against outsourcing of jobs, especially to India and other Asian countries. Prof. Kumara, an SVU alumnus, was here to take part in the All India mechanical engineering meet.

An academician of computer science and IT, Prof. Kumara is currently working on `Failure management for complex networks' and envisages it to be a promising area of computing in the future.

Political dimension

Clearing the air on the skill and efficiency levels of American students vis-a-vis their Indian counterparts, he said that the only thing that mattered was the comparative cost.

The issue has attracted more attention in the recent times due to a rise in the number of unemployed in the US. Also, the issue has started drawing support from unexpected quarters, he added.

Prof. Kumara, only the second person in 2,000 to become a distinguished professor in the varsity, cited the Lon Dobb show aired regularly in the CNN news channel that not only raises its voice against outsourcing, but even mobilises support for the movement.

"As it has assumed a political dimension now, I feel all is not well in the field,'' he concluded.