Old city violence: CP denies reports

HYDERABAD DEC. 24. The Commissioner of Police, R.P. Singh on Wednesday denied that indiscriminate arrests were being made in connection with the recent instances of communal violence in the old city. He was reacting to some news reports that appeared in a section of the press.

In a press release, he said that 37 persons belonging to two communities involved in the recent communal violence had been arrested thus far in the South Zone, after thorough verification and after finding clear evidence against them. Fifty-five persons who were also examined had been released after verification, he said. In West Zone,13 persons had been arrested.

Rumours that hundreds of arrests were being effected were not correct, he said, adding that the city police and the Task Force personnel had been instructed not to harass family members of suspects and not to raid houses during nights, Mr. Singh said.

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