Officials face embarrassment

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: MCH Commissioner Sanjay Jaju and Collector Arvind Kumar had to face embarrassing moments during the meeting held by the Chairperson of National Commission for `Safai Karamcharis' Santosh Chowdhary with the unions' representatives here on Monday.

Mr. Kumar got angry when one of the representatives charged officials with neglecting problems of those working in the sanitation sector. Even while the Collector sought more specific examples of where discrimination was taking place, Ms. Chowdhary made remarks, which indicated she was in agreement with the charge.

Lukewarm reception

"Except for a single officer, none came to receive me at the airport. I know how much clamour is made when `other commissions' come calling. This is a societal mindset and we have to change it," she said. Stating that he would like to clarify a few points, Mr. Kumar said it was not fair to paint all officials with the same brush.

"We have the commitment and we are working day and night to find solutions to many problems. Please don't generalise issues and bring the caste factor here. We are here to listen to your problems and come up with some answers," he said.

Mr. Jaju, accepting that welfare of sanitation staff was the responsibility of the MCH, said that under a new scheme to be unveiled next month, unions would be given contracts to run public conveniences.

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