NSF unit at Bodhan privatised

NIZAMABAD OCT. 31. History was created on Thursday evening when 1,028 workers and officers of the prestigious Nizam Sugars Limited factory at Shakkarnagar near Bodhan town, quit their jobs by availing of the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) paving way for the takeover of the renowned unit by the Nizam Deccan Sugars Limited (NDSL) from Friday.

On Friday, the golden era of NSF, established in 1942 by the Nizam comes to an end. Known as a landmark and said to be the biggest sugar factory in Asia, the NSF Shakkarnagar unit becomes a private entity having been taken over by the Delta Paper Mills Limited. The Government share would be 51 per cent while the rest of the shares will be with the NDSL management.

The State Government's decision to privatise the NSF units saw to it that the Delta management acquired Shakkarnagar, Mambojipalli and Metpalli plants besides the distillery at Shakkarnagar.

Initially, 957 workers and 48 out of 52 officers had opted for the VRS but subsequently, the figure rose to 1,028. There are 1,328 employees including 52 officers in the factory. The NSF head office at Hyderabad, forwarded the relieving orders in respect of 1,028 employees.

The NSF officials confirmed the receipt of the relieving orders. Only 368 employees had given option for retaining their jobs.

A senior official told The Hindu that the outgoing management is yet to receive the final list of employees, who have been retained by the new management.

Even among the 368 employees, who have opted for retention, the fate of many could not be finalised till this evening.

The NDSL management has to issue a list which states the number of employees it has retained. Only after this list is prepared, the NDSL would again try to recruit staff among those who have opted for VRS.

At 5 pm today, the NSF authorities handed over the relieving orders to the employees. All the officers also received the relieving orders.

As per the proposals sent to the Implementation Secretariat, the employees and officials who took VRS, would get their wages and the PF within 15 days.

However, the employees, who retired today are demanding the management to pay them three months advance wages. The trade union leaders were holding meetings with the management to arrive at a decision.

The officials of the NDSL were not available for comment as they are understood to have rushed to Hyderabad to get the final list of employees, who have been retained. From tomorrow, the NDSL would take charge of the plant and the distillery.

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