Now TRS says it will take one year

HYDERABAD, AUG. 1. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has now given itself one year to create a separate Telangana State.

Earlier, statements by party leaders that Telangana would become a reality within six to nine months were meant to ensure that the cadre was not discouraged.

One year is the actual period required for the formation of the new State, the Transport Minister, S. Santosh Reddy, and the Technical Education Minister, N. Narasimha Reddy, told reporters here on Sunday.

They made no bones about changing their statements and said their objective, however, remained unchanged. They would not change their Telangana slogan even as they continued as Ministers in a coalition Government.

Fresh from their Delhi visit after calling on the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) president, Sonia Gandhi, the Ministers said they did not broach the Telangana issue with her, as it would appear `childish.'

She had already committed herself to the issue and this was reflected in the President's address to Parliament.

`KCR misquoted'

They said the TRS president, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, was misquoted on the issue recently.

He had told reporters that he was not in a hurry to acquire a portfolio as a Cabinet Minister but this was deliberately twisted to inform that he was in no hurry for the formation of Telangana State.

The Ministers criticised the Telugu Desam MLA, N. Janardhan Reddy, for allegedly spreading falsehood over Mr. Rao's remarks.

The TDP was trying to drive a wedge between the Congress and the TRS out of fear that it could be marginalised if Telangana was formed.

TRS chief meets Patil

Our New Delhi Special Correspondent writes:

The Union Minister and TRS president, K. Chandrasekar Rao, along with the State Minister, A. Chandrashekar, on Sunday called on the Union Home Minister, Shivraj Patil.

Later, Mr. Chandrashekar said that during the meeting, the TRS leaders had apprised the Home Minister of the historical position regard separate Telangana and also subsequent developments.

They also sought to impress on the need for development of the region that got neglected and saw rise to the problem of naxalites.

He said the Minister appreciated the points made by the TRS delegation, whose primary aim was to apprise Mr. Patil of the demand for a separate Telangana State.

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