Now, a test to assess `IT quotient' of students

Exam will help MNCs select from talent pool

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: The Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education (APSCHE) has decided to introduce a Graduate Employability Test in association with Educational Testing Services (ETS) to facilitate the recruitment processes of multinational corporations and industries in Information Technology (IT), outsourcing and in the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES).

This is part of the larger project undertaken by the APSCHE to revise the undergraduate curriculum and prepare students for jobs in IT.

A diagnostic test will be prepared by ETS, mainly to gauge language skills and analytical capabilities.

The test, which lasts for two to three hours, will comprise two modules, namely the base module and the optional module, according to Francis Gomes of ETS.

He told press persons here on Tuesday that the base module would test the student in verbal reasoning, analytical reasoning, speaking and writing while the optional module allowed the student to choose between quantitative analysis and computer science. Companies, when they recruit, would be free to give weightage to the modules significant to their working.

Focus on verbal skills

There is much emphasis on the speaking part of the test as it is important that employees understand native English-speaking clients.

On the basis of the scores obtained, ETS will provide APSCHE with an electronic file rating the proficiency levels of the candidates as advanced, intermediate and basic levels corresponding to their performance in the test, Mr. Gomes said.

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