No takers for the `best' treatment

Private hospitals offer latest facilities, but run into losses. Reason -- patients cannot afford them

Staff Reporter

KURNOOL: The city is in the midst of a healthcare boom in the private sector. Over a dozen hospitals have come up in the recent past, offering speciality care. They offer almost all state-of- the-art facilities, except for organ transplant. There appears to be no death of capital or experts to bring advanced technology either. But, poor business prospects are deterring many. Hospitals set up with an eye on the affluent faced financial troubles while those targeting the medium income group did well.

Though world-class facilities are made available in Kurnool, just a few can actually afford them. Dr. Balamaddaiah of RR Hospitals said nursing homes were not as profitable as they used to be ten years ago. According to him, many installed expensive equipment without taking into consideration the paying capacity of the population.

Also, hospitals started by a group of doctors were more successful than those by individuals. Apart from sharing the investment, they mobilised patients. Those offering facilities for gynaec and surgical problems involved very low investment while the returns were higher. Now, the nursing homes have started reorienting themselves to providing low cost medical care rather than creating the best facilities for higher income groups.

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