No relief to State from court order, says TDP

HYDERABAD, DEC. 6. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Monday said the latest High Court order was a relief to the contractors only and not the Congress Government.

Addressing a press conference, the TDP leaders, N. Janardhana Reddy, M. V. Mysoora Reddy and S. Maruthi, said there was no reason for the Government to feel elated, as the High Court had not withdrawn any of the stinging remarks against it.

They contended that the latest court order had not favoured the Government, though the latter might try its best to capitalise on it. The fact was that a few contractors who had filed a review petition got the relief, thanks to the way the Government had messed up the tender calling process.

`Inept handling'

They recalled that the Government had accepted the wrongdoing and had not contested the previous the Court order. "If the contractors benefit now, at the expense of the State exchequer, it is because of the Government's collusion with them and its inept handling," they added. They went on to make the allegation that it was at the behest of the Government that the contractors had moved the Court.

Replying to a question on whether the Telugu Desam Party would challenge the latest order, as it favoured the contractors, they said they would not, as the Government was already charging the party with creating hurdles for irrigation projects. "We will rather prefer to expose the Government in the Assembly and outside as a responsible Opposition."

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