No proper venues for staging plays in State, says expert

VISAKHAPATNAM, DEC. 6. An important aspect of a play is that it should be presentable to the audience which cannot understand the language in which the play is staged, said a noted theatre personality, Modili Nagabhushana Sarma, here on Monday.

For such an audience, the body language, resonance and tone of the language were more important than the text of the drama, he said at a press conference. He also appreciated the Telugu plays for being world class at the realistic level.

Prof. Sarma, who addressed who was speaking on the eve of the National Theatre Festival commencing here on Tuesday, regretted the lack of proper venues for staging plays in the State. The existing facilities lacked something in one way or the other.

For the theatre festival here, the organisers had to bring 50 lights of different kinds from Hyderabad and were trying to find more with the Kalabharathi management.

The K.V. Gopalaswamy open air theatre in the Andhra University campus was equipped with a good stage but it was not preferred as the venue for the festival because of chilly weather.

He had high praise for the Gurajada Kalakshetram. "It is a beautiful venue and looks like an amphi-theatre in Greece. Its stage is excellent and no venue in the State does a stage have 68 electrical points. However, I hear that its maintenance is not adequate and I hope the authorities take proper care of this venue,'' he stated.

Prof. Sarma regretted the poor patronage for theatre and hoped the theatre festival here, incidentally the first to be held in Andhra Pradesh, would be a success since the city has a rich tradition of culture and theatre.

The plays selected for the festival in the four South Indian languages and Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati, were with divergent ideas and styles. Care was taken to give opportunity to the young directors and a play by a woman director was also included.

The Administrative Officer of the South Zone Cultural Centre, K. Varadarajan, Programme Executive of the Department of Culture, G.S.V.V. Satyanarayana, and the District Tourism Officer, D. Panduranga Rao, also spoke at the press conference.

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