No contamination of drinking water, say board officials

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Refuting reports that water supplied by the Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) had caused the death of two children, the board on Wednesday clarified that the presence of residual chlorine in the water supplies to their houses proved that the water was free from all disease-causing micro organisms and was wholesome.

After analysing the water supplied to the said house at Seetharampet, where a girl's death was reported because of diarrhoea, the special investigating teams of the HMWSSB concluded that the cause of water pollution was due to drawal by the residence from pit taps, which had extremely unhygienic conditions.

Pit taps

"This could be one possible reason and contaminated food cannot be ruled out too," an official spokesperson of the water board said in a statement here on Wednesday.

The HMWSSB authorities appealed all households with pit taps to switch over to normal taps.

Water quality was monitored by the quality assurance and testing wing of the water board and also the Institute of Preventive Medicine on a daily basis and the records for the last eight and-a-half months had showed 99 per cent of the water samples were wholesome.

Saying several measures were being taken by the board to supply clean and wholesome water, he said as many as 2.5 lakh chlorine tablets and 3,340 chlorine bottles were distributed in critical areas in the wake of the heavy rain recently.


Sewer lines stretching to a length of 150 km were also cleaned in the last three months. Around 481 complaints of pollution were attended to in the last month.

Further 12 localities in the city, which were reporting complaints of water contamination, were being monitored intensively by deploying additional staff. "The board is making all efforts to supply clean water and the onus is also on individuals and households to take adequate precautions on their food, drinking water and personal hygiene," he added.

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