New technology opted for shore bunding


'Polymer wire rope gabion' for strengthening the road

Kakinada: The engineers of the Roads and Buildings Department have preferred the latest technology known as 'polymer wire rope gabion' for strengthening the road along the sea shore to prevent it from frequent erosion and corrosion.

Tidal waves

The sea shore road near Uppada Kothapalli has been facing onslaughts of the tidal waves whenever the cyclone battered the coast in the past several years.

The 500-metre stretch of the road, 16 kms from here, had come to the limelight in the recent tsunami.

The efforts of the engineers to put an end to soil erosion by the traditional method failed despite spending Rs.45 lakhs during the past ten years.

They had explored various technologies and finally preferred to apply the polymer wire rope gabion technology, and now, the stage is set for taking up the work at a cost of Rs.1.20 crores - the calamity relief fund received from the Central Government.

However, it failed to take off, as it proved abortive in the beginning itself with the contractor dying abruptly.

Contractors reluctant

The Deputy Superintending Engineer C. Satyanarayana Murthy told The Hindu here on Sunday that contractors were averse to take up the work as they felt it was not economically viable in view of the specification that granite stone alone should be used for the construction of the 500 metre wall applying the new technology.

When tenders were called, only one contractor who owns a granite stone quarry came forward with a quotation, but he passed away before finalisation. "Now, we are calling for fresh tenders with the hope of someone might come forward."

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