New index on building rules to be released soon


MCH to provide detailed information

To be distributed with building permission application formPeople will no longer need to run from pillar to post

HYDERABAD: Can building rules and taking building permissions ever be simple? Whatever the Municipal Administration Department claims, these have always perplexed the common man and continue to remain so, the new `simple' rules notwithstanding.

Not only are the building rules and regulations not that `simple', the procedures to be followed, permissions to be taken, different certificates and documents to be submitted and fees to be paid are also quite a process.


Now, the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad wants to simplify matters a bit by preparing a new index giving comprehensive details of the documents and fees required to take building permissions for up to 10 metres height.

Chief City Planner B. Purushothama Reddy, who has been working on the new index for sometime now, explains that the new index will be distributed along with the building permission application form for a price yet to be decided.

The current application does not detail much forcing people to run from pillar to post for getting proper information as they have little or no clue on what has to be submitted and how much has to be paid, he points put.

But the new index will make things easier, affirms Mr. Reddy.

Along with an application form on a perforated sheet, it will give a complete check list of the documents required like building permit orders, affidavits, inspection and scrutiny reports, commencement, completion and occupancy certificate, etc.

Fees and charges

Applicants can tear off the application form, fill it and submit it and keep the rest of the index with them. It will also have a schedule of fees and charges to be paid and will contain all the Government Orders on building rules for the twin cities till the latest amendment made earlier this month.

Mr. Reddy hopes to release index to the public soon.

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