New eco-system needs to be developed: expert

In tune with the changing realities there is a need to develop new eco-systems and competencies, A.C. Narayana, professor of Centre for Earth and Space Sciences University of Hyderabad, has said.

If the State has to become an industrial hub and leverage the presence of long coastline it has to evolve and put in place new departments that would exclusively focus on study and monitor the climatic changes and developments that are relevant to sea and consequently maritime trade. Monitoring of pollution of seas is another competency that has to be developed. The State should have in place facilities all along the coast to constantly record the climatic data, and track changes on shore profiles due to the climate change these are essential for taking up long-term remedial measures, the professor told The Hindu during his visit to the city to make a preliminary study of beach erosion and submit a report to the State Government on the way forward.

There was a need to have comprehensive data of the entire shoreline over a significantly long duration for providing a solution he explained using the analogy of weather data recorded by the meteorological department. Most recommendations were drawn on the basis of extrapolation of data from a small area or a short duration, he said explaining why most solutions offered were not valid in the long term. Further, the solutions would have to be developed specifically suited to each location due to the dynamic nature of the sea.

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