Naidu queries about free power to domestic sector

HYDERABAD, JUNE 1. The reactions of various political parties to the Governor's address to the State Assembly on Tuesday were on expected lines with the allies of the ruling Congress hailing the policies and programmes of the new Government and the Telugu Desam Party and the BJP criticising it for trying to copy most of the good work done by the previous dispensation.

The TDP president, N. Chandrababu Naidu, said the Government had shown that it wanted to continue the programmes taken up during his rule. The execution of the programmes was also put in the same order of priority. There was no difference in the policies of the TDP and Congress Governments. By declaring its intention to take up the projects for which the foundation stones were laid by his Government, the ruling party has proved that it lacked creativity. The Government had also ignored the drought in the State in the last four years while not including farmers' problems.

Referring to the scrapping of the Janmabhoomi programme introduced by the TDP, Mr. Naidu said the Government had chosen to drop a `sacred' mission intended to inculcate a spirit of commitment in people. It had been designed in tune with the wish of the founding fathers of the nation that power be decentralised.

Mr. Naidu said the address did not mention the free power promise of Congress to the domestic sector and pension to the poor.

The BJP floor leader, G. Kishan Reddy, said the Government had indirectly committed itself to continue all programmes of the TDP, except Janmabhoomi. The election promises of the Congress were not reflected in the address. The promise of loans to DWCRA members at three per cent interest was also not kept up. The CPI (M) floor leader, N. Narasimhaiah, said the address reflected a totally new approach of the Government although it lacked clarity on the steps to be taken to stop farmers' suicide. By its silence on land reforms, the Government has failed to address the problems of the agricultural labour. He was hopeful that the Government would complete all projects mentioned in the address.

The CPI leader, Chada Venkat Reddy, said the Government did not dwell on measures to solve the naxalite problem. It could not be solved unless land reforms were initiated. He demanded a roll back of the power tariff hike effected during the TDP rule.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leader, G. Vijayarama Rao, felt a reference to the Statehood for Telangana was rightly not made as it was a matter concerning Parliament. It was possible only by legislation in Parliament.