Nagarjuna University convocation held

GUNTUR NOV. 9. The Vice-Chancellor of Nagarjuna University, L. Venugopal Reddy, at the XXI and XXII convocations of the university held here on Saturday, conferred honorary doctorates on three distinguished personalities for their meritorious services in their respective fields.

Prof. Reddy conferred Doctor of Science on the UGC Chairman, Arun Nigavekar, and the Chief Donor of AMG (India) International, H.H. Deichmann, and Doctor of Letters on the former Vice-Chancellor of Nagarjuna University, C.V. Raghavulu.

The Vice-Chancellor also presented doctorates and degrees of M.Phil to successful students belonging to different faculties. He also presented awards and gold medals to hundreds of students who achieved ranks in different subjects.

Disappointment was writ large on the faces of the recipients of Ph.Ds and M.Phils and also gold medals as the Chancellor and Governor, C. Rangarajan, could not participate in the convocation.

Despite the absence of the Governor, all the invitees took part in the convocation. And, the audience was disappointed by the way the citations on the three recipients of "Honoris Causa'' were read out by professors of the university. While a professor profusely fumbled in properly reading out what was written in the citation, another professor made the presentation in a very unimpressive manner with a poor diction. While the third one read out the citation very fast mispronouncing several words. The presentation of citations, indeed, proved to be too obvious for Dr. Nigavekar to express his concern, in his lecture, on the poor standards in the quality of education.

What was interesting was that the UGC Chairman was presented the honorary doctorate twice. For Prof. Venugopal Reddy, deputising for the Chancellor, admitted Dr. Nigavekar for the honorary degree of Doctor of Science and authorised him to "wear the gown and hood ordained as the insignia of the degree'', even before the citation was presented. Soon, Prof. Reddy gave away the award to Dr. Nigavekar. Later, a professor read out his citation. The professor, however, seemed to have deliberately avoided reading out the last paragraph: "May I request you, Mr. Chancellor (in this case Vice-Chancellor), to be so good as to confer the degree of Doctor of Science of Nagarjuna University (Honoris Causa) of Prof. Arun Nigavekar.'' Because, the award was already given away before the citation was presented. However, realising his mistake, Prof. Reddy once again gave the degree to Dr. Nigavekar.

The Vice-Chancellor had to play a dual role with the absence of the Governor. Therefore, he, in his capacity as the Vice-Chancellor, stood as a token of respect to the dignitaries as long as the citations were being read out. Thus, Prof. Reddy became the `long-standing' person on the dais.

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