Mystery behind swami's murder unravelled

NIZAMABAD NOV. 9. The district police have unravelled the mystery behind the sensational murder of the swami of Sri Shivatmananda Ashramam in Puranipet village under Bheemgal police station limits with the arrest of four persons.

Suspicion by one of the offenders that his wife was having illicit relationship with the swami is said to have led to the brutal murder. Thorough investigation by the Bheemgal police for almost three months resulted in the arrest of four persons, who allegedly axed the swami to death.

The Superintendent of Police, Shanka Brata Bagchi, said that on June 20 this year, two unidentified persons, covering their faces with towels murdered Brahmarouthu Narasaiah swami with axes. They injured Gundamma, wife of the victim, and escaped with booty. A case was registered with the Bheemgal police station the next day on a complaint lodged by the victim's wife.

The police, who took her statement, came to know that on the fateful day another witness, Jagrial Lingu, was also present. The police visited Bejjora village and took her statement also. She said that two unidentified persons covering their faces had attacked the swami and killed him. Suspecting the involvement of Vaddar gangs, the police rounded up some criminals and interrogated them but no fruitful result could be achieved.

However, the police during course of investigation came to know that one Banoth Redya of Tallakunta village had attempted suicide by stabbing himself with a broken bottle. He was admitted to a private hospital and treated. The police visited the hospital and interrogated Redya, who did not give any reason for the suicide bid. The police continued the murder trail and visited Tallakunta village and recorded statements of two tribals -Maloth Balram and Maloth Govind, who had shifted Redya to the hospital. They said that the villagers suspected the role of Redya in the murder fearing which the latter attempted suicide.

The police learnt through the statements of Banoth Hamsa and Banoth Jamuna, neighbours of Banoth Redya, that on June 20 three persons Ramulu, Mangiya and Gangiya, came to the house of Redya and consumed toddy and left the place late in the night.

But in the early hours of the next day, the neighbours found Redya's wife washing clothes leading to suspicion of some foul play. Based on the clue, the police summoned Redya's wife and questioned her. She reportedly told the police that due to her continued ill health, she was visiting the ashram for treatment.

During one such visit, she stayed in the ashram for three days after which her husband, Redya, beat her up suspecting her fidelity. He then hatched a conspiracy to kill the swami. On June 20, Redya along with three others went to the ashram and murdered the swami. He came back and asked his wife to wash the clothes at that unearthly hour.

The police, on reliable information earlier this week, raided Devanpalli village and apprehended Redya and Ramulu. On interrogation, Redya, confessed that he committed the crime along with Ramulu, Mangiya and Gangiya.

The axe used for attacking the swami and the booty was also recovered. The police, who continued the manhunt for two others arrested Mangiya and Gangiya. The four then confessed before the police as to how they committed the crime.

Redya and Ramulu attacked the swami while the remaining two stood guard outside the ashram. All the four had been remanded to judicial custody, the SP added.

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