More glass to give a glossy look

ROAD TO PROGRESS: Multi-storied buildings and huge complexes will give new look to Mahatma Gandhi Road (Bandar Road). - PHOTO: CH. VIJAYA BHASKAR  

G. Ravikiran

Building owners overjoyed at new image for Bandar Road; small shops also join the race

VIJAYAWADA: A business street in Dubai sparkles with imposing buildings with glossy glass elevations. A commercially hectic hub in a European city has neatly done up pavements leading to shiny, amazing complexes.

To grab this `truly world class look,' property owners on Bandar Road are eyeing international standards in renovating their structures.

After the launch of widening exercise, Bandar Road is set to don a `starry bridal look' that would resemble a modern city having attractions for affluent and highflying crowds.

Bright prospects

The stage is set for building a brand new image and matching with the looks of imposing structures housing `Anjaneya Jewellery', `Magna' and M&M.

Prospects of greater value to assets have also prompted owners to pump in huge money into renovation. Revving up the spirit, the structures sporting an international look seem to have thrown a challenge to the rest.

Bandar Road has always had the pull for business enterprises, and even when compared to Eluru Road, it has witnessed heavy concentration of commercial endeavours. From a big business house to a small shop owner, they have joined the race to give their buildings a sleek look.

V. Venkatrao, proprietor of Anjaneya Jewellery, is probably the happiest of all in the changed perceptions and scenario all along Bandar Road. A visit to Dubai gave him a chance to see majestic buildings and emboldened him to risk getting a glass elevation to his building at a cost of Rs. 30 lakhs. That was July 2005, and that attracted comments from business circles to general public that he had overdone it in a city showing relatively less growth rate. Now, Mr. Venkatrao's building has become a benchmark. An hotelier has thought of getting a similar glass elevation, but retracted at the last minute due to reasons of space.

Great potential

"The potential has increased manifold. I have expected some image boost but not on this scale," said Mr. Venkatrao.

Tipsy Topsy proprietor Manpreet Sahni has plans to change the front view and also the total interiors to suit the changing tastes of clients. As the focus will be on good looks in a spacious road, suitable changes have to be brought about.

Of the 17,000 sq. ft, only a miniscule portion goes under demolition. There will be a complete transformation of Tipsy Topsy, Mr. Sahni says.

The change bug

The change bug has bitten small shop owners as well. Aneef, owner of Good Luck Tea Centre at Paidaiah Street corner, has redone his shop with smooth tiles and shining mirrors at a cost of Rs. 1.5 lakhs. He says that the business may increase in future but lack of parking space and even standing space for customers will certainly be a difficult thing for them. But nobody denies the fact that the look has really become great, Mr. Aneef says.