Mohan Babu asks Karnataka to see reason

HYDERABAD, NOV. 29. President of the Movie Artists Association (MAA) and film producer, M. Mohan Babu, on Monday urged the Karnataka film industry and thespian Rajkumar to see reason and lift the embargo on the release of non-Kannada films in Karnataka.

Stance faulted

For almost three months now, there is a ban on the simultaneous release of non-Kannada films. No amount of pressure from the Telugu industry, the Karnataka film industry and Bollywood has worked on them. Initially, Karnataka had agreed for the release of non-Kannada films after seven weeks of their release in other territories. Later, it had been made three weeks. At a press conference, the actor-producer who was recently elected MAA president, urged Mr. Rajkumar to recall the long association that he had with Andhra Pradesh. He recalled how when Mr. Rajkumar had been kidnapped by Veerappan, the Telugu industry had been the first to react. It was the former Chief Minister, N.T. Rama Rao, who had nominated Mr Rajkumar to the TTD Board and later he was also given the NTR Memorial Award. He said the stance of the Kannada film industry was affecting the lives of thousands of people who depended on the industry for a living, apart from depriving movie-goers in Karnataka of entertainment of their choice.

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