Mogilicherla looks forward to People's War meeting

WARANGAL, JULY 24. An eerie of silence prevails in Mogilicherla village, located eight kilometres from the district headquarters, where the People's War proposes to hold a public meeting on July 28.

Villagers while welcoming the meeting to be held at the native place of slain naxal leader, Polem Sudarshan Reddy alias Ramakrishna, in private, are equally apprehensive of the police vigil on the village. They are reluctant to go on record about their feelings to a battery of reporters and cameramen representing various media organisations visiting the village ever since it came into limelight in the recent past.

Slain naxal still idolised

Ilaiah, a villager said he welcomed the meeting, as it would provide them an opportunity to recall the services of their leader who breathed life into the armed movement. The villagers still idolised Ramakrishna and they recall the good old days of his active life in the movement.

Another villager, refusing to identity himself said the police had booked more than 300 cases against the villagers and youth were forced to flee from the villagers due to increased repression. As many as 20 people from the village had joined the People's War and 17 of them had been killed in various encounters.

Huge turnout expected

Some of the youth who studied in a school that was run by Sudarshan Reddy recalled how compassionate he was to children. Later, they saw him in thick of action and how he was terror to lumpen elements. But, some of the village elders complain that he forgot the villagers and did nothing for its development. The villagers expect a massive turnout on July 28 and are eager to listen to songs and speeches by the balladeer, Gaddar, and the revolutionary poet, Varavara Rao.

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