Minister calls for united fight against anti-social forces

CUDDAPAH Nov.1. The Minister for Housing, P. Ramasubba Reddy, on Saturday called upon the people to forge unity and counter the efforts of anti-social forces to jeopardise peace and unity in society.

Speaking at the 48th A.P. Formation Day celebrations at the Police Parade Grounds here, the Minister asserted that peace was essential for development and achieving regional balances, besides transforming the State into `Swarnandhrapradesh'. The State achieved development in information technology and initiated reforms in administration, education, power and governance. The Janmabhoomi programme launched on January 1, 1997 became a movement for development and creation of infrastructure and 19 phases were implemented with the people's cooperation, Mr. Ramasubba Reddy said.

Every one should become partners in development with a spirit of patriotism, which would be a fitting tribute to the great leaders who rendered sacrifices for ensuring the formation of Andhra Pradesh, a separate State for three crore Telugu-speaking people, he said.

Andhra Pradesh was the first State to introduce the three-tier panchayat raj set up, provide voting right for youth attaining 18 years of age in local bodies, extend reservations for SCs and STs in panchayat raj and cooperative elections and earmarking 33.3 per cent reservations to women. The State was a forerunner in making such hallmark decisions in the country, he asserted.

The people of the State took active part in freedom movement and the Indian National Congress received the tricolour conceived by Pingali Venkaiah at the AICC meeting at Vijayawada on March 31, 1929, Mr. Ramasubba Reddy said. Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu who dared the Britishers with the `Simon Go Back' call was an ideal for the Andhrites, he added. The then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, consented the formation of Andhra Pradesh after Mahatma Gandhiji's follower, Potti Sreeramulu, became a martyr with a 58-day hunger strike, he said.

He recalled the yeoman services of various noted personalities such as Konda Venkatappaiah, Bhogaraju Pattabhi Seetharamaiah, Duggirala Gopalakrishnaiah, Ayyadevara Kaleswara Rao and others. The Rajya Sabha member, S. Ramamuni Reddy, the Collector, Jayesh Ranjan, the SP, Vijay Kumar, the Joint Collector, G. Jayalakshmi, the ZP CEO, Sudhakara Rao, the Executive Director of SC Service Cooperative Society, G. Gurunathudu, the ED of BC Corporation, Hariprakash, and others participated.

Children of various schools performed dances for patriotic songs as well as film songs. The Minister, MP and Collector distributed assets such as bicycles, LPG stoves etc. to the beneficiaries. Earlier, the Minister, the Collector and others garlanded a bust of Potti Sreeramulu at Gokul circle here.

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