`MIM leader's statement on textbooks misleading'

VIJAYAWADA Nov. 24. Academicians urged MIM leader, Asaduddin Owaisi, to do some `home work' before making statements about SSC social studies textbooks in the Legislative Assembly, the highest law-making body in the State.

Head of the History Department, University of Hyderabad, K.S.S Seshan, who is on the panel of editors for SSC textbooks, said the MLA's statements about the SSC textbooks were misleading. The subject in the textbook was blatantly distorted by the MLA. At the outset, Prof. Seshan said that the chapter on `Rise of Islam' was not in the SSC textbook, but in the class nine social studies book. Andhra Loyola College lecturer, Movva Srinivasa Reddy, author of the history chapter in the SSC textbook, said that he had not written about the rise of Islam in the textbook.

However, there was a chapter with the title in the class nine social studies textbook. The six pillars of Islam which the MLA discussed in the Assembly were actually referred to as tenets.

Prof. Seshan said the textbook was very clear and there was no scope for misinterpretation. It was unfair of the MLA to say that the textbook made a "jehadi'' out of every Muslim. He said the MLA should have gone through the textbook before making the statement in the Assembly.