Meet of unaided professional colleges in Hyderabad tomorrow

Issues concerned with Apex court ruling to be under focus at conference

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Managements of unaided professional educational institutions of the country will meet in the city on October 1 to discuss issues concerned with the recent Supreme Court judgment on admission to professional colleges.

The meeting, to be attended by over 400 managements, will come up with its point of view to be incorporated in the proposed legislation to be brought in to nullify the Apex Court's judgment that favoured total autonomy to unaided institutions in admission and administrative functions. "We hope the Government will look into our views also before framing the legislation," said V. Malakonda Reddy, Secretary of A.P. Private Engineering Colleges Managements Association, which is hosting the convention.

Many views

Speaking to reporters here, Prof. Reddy said that several views emerged during the deliberations with various managements across the country. He said some managements had suggested giving away 50 per cent seats to the Government to be filled according to its policy while seeking a free hand to the managements to fill up the rest. Another suggestion was within the 50 per cent allotted to the managements, the Government could still have 25 per cent to be filled on merit while filling the rest with a higher fee prescribed by the managements.

Common fee

Prof. Reddy favoured a common fee prescribed by the All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for all colleges in the country given the vast difference in the fee structure followed in different States. "The norms are same for everyone and how can the fee differ. These are just suggestions but a clear picture of the unaided managements' view would emerge during the convention," Prof. Reddy said.

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