Mapping of tsunami-hit areas is under way

Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Andhra Pradesh State Remote Sensing Application Centre (APSRAC) is in the process of preparing remote sensing maps of Prakasam and Nellore districts where last December's tsunami had caused heavy damage.

Ground verification of the two districts was completed and the data were being transferred to the maps, its Director, K. Mrithyunjaya Reddy, said here on Friday.

The project was sponsored by the Central Department of Science and Technology, and at the request of the APSRAC, it was extended to Krishna and Guntur districts.

The APSRAC was making a damage assessment of the physical and natural resources and mapping the areas by using high resolution satellite data, both pre-and post-tsunami.

Aspects like erosion that had taken place, formation of creeks and the number of creeks that got closed, the number of polluted wells, damage caused to the roads along with damage to the fishing boats, etc., were being examined and assessed.

``The preparation of remote sensing maps would help the Government in monitoring and effectively implementing the rehabilitation,'' Mr. Reddy said.

The mapping was being done on the 1:8000 scale, which was a detailed exercise. The process was expected to be completed in two months.

The APSRAC was also making a study to find ways to avoid inundation of the airport runway here whenever the nearby Meghadrigedda overflowed, and this was being done with the help of satellite based mapping,

Mr. Reddy said.

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