Maoists kidnap New Democracy naxals

Staff Reporter

Set them free after relieving them of weapons

Torture of naxals allegedDalam commander escapes into forestsNew Democracy leaders condemn kidnap

KHAMMAM: The CPI (Maoists) kidnapped nine armed naxalites of the CPI(ML New Democracy) in Bayyaram forests on Wednesday night thus adding to the tension between the two Left wing groups in the district. Almost the entire dalam, barring the commander, was in the captivity of the Maoists for about half a day.

The dalam members were allegedly put to torture. The Maoists set them free only after relieving them of nine weapons. According reports, Ashok Dalam of the New Democracy was surrounded by the Maoist dalams near Bironimadava, a forest village. They were asked to accompany them to the Maoist camp. Dalam leader Ashok, who sensed the threat, managed to escape into the forests while nine of his dalam members, including two women activists were kidnapped.

The Maoists and the New Demoracy dalams have been at loggerheads in the Yellandu constituency for quite some time as the former succeeded in gaining some foothold in the forest villages.

There were several discussions between the two sides to iron out differences. New Democracy leaders said here that the Maoists wanted their dalam to join them at their camp for talks. As they refused to do so in the absence of senior leaders, they whisked away the dalam members. They also attempted to attack Ashok, but in vain.

New Democracy district leaders K. Rangaiah and P. Ranga Rao condemned the kidnapping of their party members by the Maoists.

They said the act was the handiwork of the Maoist dalams from Khammam and Warangal.