Malayalis feel at home in Vizag

Malayalis, settled in Visakhapatnam, sharing their experiences.— Photo: A.Manikanta Kumar

Malayalis, settled in Visakhapatnam, sharing their experiences.— Photo: A.Manikanta Kumar  

Say city holds a special place in their heart; provided them an opportunity to prosper

Simplicity and natural beauty are the two aspects that charm you when you meet Keralites.

Coming all the way from God’s Own Country, they say that Vizag is similar to their hometown surrounded by the hills of Western Ghats and Bay of Bengal. For Malayalis, the city holds a special place in their heart as it welcomed them with open arms, provided an opportunity to excel in their domains and eventually led them to prosper. In Vizag, there are around 30,000 Malayalis, including floating population, employed or running a business or serving Navy or leading a peaceful retired life.

When T.S. Sukumaran, a Keralite, visited the city in 1967, he could not help falling in love with the serenity of the place and later with a Telugu woman whom he got married to.

He said: “Initially, I was not very particular about settling in Vizag. However, I was impressed with the education system, medical facility above all the unconditional warmth of the people over here.”

Lila Ganeshan, an administrative officer in College of Nursing, considers the city a safe place for women.

“In times of need, we can commute even at 10 p.m. and reach home safely whereas in Kerala our freedom is restricted due to many reasons,” she said.

However, given the high-end infrastructure, some felt that the education system in Vizag can be improved. Retired teacher C.P. Rita said: “In Kerala, basic education system is extremely good. Here, children face so much of stress and are constantly under pressure whereas they learn with pleasure in our State.”

Except for few reasons, most of the Malayalis feel more than just happy to settle in Vizag and never had an intention to return to their hometown. N.M. Pillai, who works as a senior branch manager in an MNC, Vizag has added charm to his professional life. “We got so much attached to this city now that we hardly miss Alapuzha, our hometown,” he added. On special occasions such as ‘Thiruvonam’, Malayalis gather at Kerala Kala Samiti, Kairali Arts Club and other community centres and make merry as a family. They said that they felt like home in Andhra Pradesh and that the State should remain united forever.

Keralites feel education system in Vizag can be improved

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