Lukewarm response to special revision of electoral rolls

G. Ravikiran

VIJAYAWADA: The special summary revision of electoral rolls launched on November 5 has drawn lukewarm response from the public. The number of people seeking enrolment came to only a few hundreds in Vijayawada East and West Assembly constituencies. Special cells have been set up at the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) and at Kankipadu MRO Office, which will accept forms during office hours. This revision will be conducted up to December 4.

Interestingly, many young people showed interest to enrol as voters in the hope of getting voter ID cards in future.

The cards are being viewed as a strong proof of identity. Young ones would not have an identity of their own and, for the most part, they would have to use ration cards of their parents.

Form 6 must be filled

Officials said that educated youths, who had plans to get passports and visas to go abroad, were keen to enrol as voters. Inclusion of one's name in the voters' list is being treated as an acceptable proof of identity.

The current revision is aimed at giving an opportunity to those, who will reach 18 years age as on January 1, 2006. Besides young ones, employees and business people can also seek inclusion of their names.

One has to fill Form 6 prescribed by the Election Commission of India to seek inclusion of name.

Various reasons are given for only a few people coming forward to make use of the current revision. Just 129 people submitted Form 6 for name inclusion in the Vijayawada East segment from November 5 to 13.

This constituency has an existing electorate of 2.20 lakhs. One person submitted Form 7 for deletion of name from the rolls. The officials said that less number of people turned up because special revision was conducted prior to the municipal elections in September.

Moreover, people are not showing interest because there will not be major elections in the next two to three years. Some five persons submitted Form 8A for transfer of their names from one area to another within their assembly constituency limits. Five to six persons asked for transfer of their names to outside the constituency by submitting Form 8.

Transfer of names

In Vijayawada West constituency, 235 people submitted forms for inclusion of name while three forms were submitted for deletion of names. Some 11 persons applied for transfer of their names to another constituency. This constituency has a voter-strength of 2.30 lakhs.

A special cell was opened at Kankipadu MRO Office for the revision of rolls in Kankipadu assembly constituency, which has an electorate of 3.8 lakhs. Till now during the current revision, about 3,651 people have submitted forms for inclusion of their names.

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